As raw cosmetic materials manufacturers, we’ve worked with many beauty brands big and small to concoct all kinds of unique products as well as more traditional product lines. As such, one of the most familiar things we hear between business colleagues and industry news is the startling amount of big names in the beauty industry that are self-made. These businesses are a key example of a need in the market not being addressed, and an enterprising individual coming in to fill it herself.

The Cosmetics Industry is About Servicing Unique Needs

Look into the story of any entrepreneur or highly successful self-made business owner and you’ll undoubtedly find a similar narrative thread in many of them. The story is told in the past tense, there was a struggle. What a frustrating situation it is when you have money you wish to part ways with but there just aren’t any businesses who are creating products for people like you. Such was the case with novelist and perfumer Tanwi Nandini Islam.

She owned a botanical beauty line called Hi Wildflower that she wished to expand into cosmetics. She had long since found herself underserved and disenfranchised in the world of traditional beauty products and cosmetics. This world more often than not catered to women of a fairer skin tone. Even many of the makeup and beauty tutorials you would find online are a part of this paradigm of style. After all, style is all about what we think will look best.

While we do know that colors are highly subjective (for every person who likes red, someone else likes blue), there is an art to composition that is undeniably constant or else we wouldn’t need tutorials on how to wear makeup or coordinate our clothes. If those colors happen to be more vibrant on lighter skin tones, and the population majority has fairer skin, it only stands to reason that most businesses will arrange their product lines to service the needs of that population whether consciously or unconsciously.

Business is business, most choices such as these are not intentional discrimination but rather supply and demand. However, in markets such as these there are many missed opportunities, and sometimes it takes the very person who needs that product (someone such as Tanwi) to use their perspective as a guide to creating the perfect products for that market. At Phoenix Chemical, we’ve helped many businesses address gaps in the market that are not being addressed to great success. It’s really a win-win. Customers find products that are specifically made for them and businesses find a market that is not only underserved but has less competition.

Phoenix Chemical Green Chemistry

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Such was the case of Skylar founder Cat Chen. Skylar is a fragrance company that specializes in clean scents and compositions. The purpose of the brand is to provide a great range of scented products for people with highly sensitive skin or those who are allergic or reactant to various chemical products that are common in mainstream perfumes.

The shift to natural beauty products is unsurprising. Having been in the clutches of a massive public health crisis due to the many problems that stem not only from obesity, but the unhealthy foods that are highly common in the average American’s diet. The path to remediation for America has been interestingly enough, connected to social media platforms such as Instagram which allow exceedingly popular Instagram “influencers” to showcase what a healthy lifestyle looks like.

What makes the parallel interesting is that many businesses—including the startup beauty scene, has strong roots in Instagram as well. The platform—while certainly coming under scrutiny for reinforcing unrealistic portrayals of beauty, lifestyle, and fitness, has also been a place to cultivate awareness of natural products and alternative beauty ideals.

The natural beauty products market is growing and will only continue to grow as awareness across multiple platforms grows. We also believe in the idea that you can make great cosmetic and beauty products with all-natural ingredients. We don’t believe in cutting corners at Phoenix Chemical, we want all of our partners to have multiple avenues of approaching the cosmetics market so that regardless of whether they are a large brand or a small startup with something to prove, we can formulate products that are founded on rock-solid fundamentals and will appeal to the audience that they are looking to market to.

That is why we created our Green Chemistry program. Green Chemistry is based on the principles of providing natural cosmetic products that are plant-derived and sustainable. It’s cosmetics with a conscience. While all of our products—Green Chemistry or not, are held to the highest standards of safety, there is a certain peace of mind many people enjoy when they know what they are putting on (and in) their bodies is made up of all-natural ingredients. Thus, Green Chemistry was born!

Raw Cosmetics Manufacturer for Businesses

Custom synthesis is the cornerstone of our business—that is to say, if you have a highly specific vision of what you want to deliver to your customers, we’re the experts at turning that vision into a reality. We are, at heart, cosmetic scientists. We take the basic constituents of what makes, say, lipstick what it is, and we can tweak that for you in any number of ways. When you really get down to the basics, there are a tremendous amount of ways you can modify products to suit the needs of different people.

Whether you’re seeking traditional cosmetics, all-natural, or something entirely new that you have a brilliant idea for, let Phoenix Chemical help you make that dream a reality.

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