When it comes to beauty and cosmetic products, Phoenix Chemical offers a wide range of functional, specialized ingredients that deliver unique performance characteristics that cosmetic manufacturers are looking for. One of these specialized mixtures is PELEMOL D3GP, an emollient ester substance that is biodegradable and 100% vegetable derived, specifically targeted to replace animal based mixed alkyl cholesterol and lanosterol based esters that are used in cosmetic products.

Emollients are among the most common ingredients used in personal care formulations. The word emollient is derived from the Latin word “mollis” or “molle” which means soft, pliable, and supple. Emollients are normally described as ingredients in beauty and cosmetic products that help to soften, smooth or moisturize the skin. Emollients work by forming a layer on the top of the skin that create a barrier to help prevent water from escaping the skin’s surface layer.

Some of the most common benefits of emollients in beauty and cosmetic products are providing shine to skin, hair and lips, condition hair, moisturize skin and improve elasticity, can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and can increase cell turnover, and are available in various forms like creams, ointments, lotions or gels that will moisturize and protect the skins surface.

Esters are compounds formed by reacting organic acids with organic alcohols or polyols. Most natural emollients are triglyceride based oils containing covalently bound glycerin with fatty acids.

Emollient esters that are multi-functional and include, but are not limited to, such properties as solvency, pigment wetting, and lubricious substantively are what Phoenix Chemical has created in our PELEMOL products, which are plant-derived from rapeseed, soy, castor, coconut, corn and palm.

Our PELEMOL ingredients have a wide variety of uses within beauty and cosmetic products, such as providing a smooth, silky feeling with long lasting qualities for uses in skin creams and lotions, tasteless and odorless qualities suitable for lipstick and makeup products, and easily spreadable characteristics for sun creams and body moisturizers.

At Phoenix Chemical, we have dedicated ourselves to researching and creating the safest, most effective ingredients that beauty and cosmetic manufacturers can use to provide safe cosmetic products consumers are looking for. Our PELEMOL ingredients can be used in a variety of cosmetic products, from mascaras to body lotions, and we have sourced the highest quality, plant derived solutions in order to meet consumer demands for safer, clean beauty and cosmetic products.

If you are looking to incorporate safe and effective ingredients in your beauty and cosmetics products, look no further than our extensive line of PELEMOL ingredient solutions that will allow your products to perform with superior quality while providing consumers safer solutions to the harmful competitive products on the market. For more information, you can read our Advances in Green Chemistry catalog for an extensive list of the PELEMOL ingredients we offer along with their benefits and suggestions for various beauty and cosmetic products they can be used in. For any questions on our PELEMOL offerings, contact us today and request a sample, and let us show you why Phoenix Chemical is revolutionizing the way beauty and cosmetic products are manufactured.