The beauty and cosmetics industry is experiencing a surge in popularity like it’s never seen before, thanks to the invention of and widespread embrace of social media. Video make-up tutorials alone have audiences in the millions, and influencers on social channels such as Instagram are able to quit their day jobs to partner with cosmetic manufacturers and promote their beauty products.

One of the most popular sensations in the cosmetic and personal care industries has been the emergence of alphabet creams. Alphabet creams are acronyms used by cosmetic manufacturers for cosmetic and beauty products that have multi-functional benefits such as priming, moisturizing, concealing, and evening the skin tone, to name a few.

Since the launch of the first marketed BB cream (beauty balm) around 2012, cosmetic manufacturers have capitalized on creating skin care formulas that serve multiple functions, combining skin care ingredients into one “magic remedy.” These creams are designed to provide consumers with cosmetic and beauty products that address multiple concerns at once. Today, there are so many variations multi-functional skin care products using acronyms to differentiate their products you practically need a guide to determine the differences between each one! Below, you’ll find a break-down of the most popular alphabet creams on the market today and what makes each one special.

BB Creams

More than just a tinted moisturizer, BB Creams were first made popular in the Asian markets due to their skin lightening properties. After being introduced to the Western market in 2012, cosmetic companies began capitalizing on the idea of a “Beauty Balm” that contained multiple functionalities in one product.

Today’s BB Creams are an all-in-one solution that replace the need for a separate serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock. This concept of a multi-functional beauty product is ideal for consumers who are looking to shorten their routines using multiple cosmetic products into one all-encompassing product.

CC Creams

Sometimes referred to as a “Color Correcting” cream, CC creams help reduce the appearance of redness in the skin, and improve the overall tone by evening out the color and masking blemishes. Lighter in texture than a BB cream, CC creams are like adding a soft focus lens to the skin, tackling even the most uneven skin tones with redness, discoloration, or a washed-out appearance as their primary concerns.

Color correction creams use ingredients such as magnesium ascorbyl phosphate and niacinamide to help reduce redness and discoloration in the skin with regular use. CC creams usually provide all the benefits of BB creams, but usually provide better coverage for blemishes and discoloration. CC Creams are available in a variety of shades to match different skin tones, and also help to diminish fine lines and wrinkles and promote a healthy youthful glow. CC cream is best for those who are acne-prone, have dull skin, dark spots or constant redness.

DD Creams

Developed to deal with rougher areas of the skin, Daily Defense or Dynamic Do-All creams are richer in texture and act as a heavy duty moisturizer for areas of the body that are prone to tougher skin like the feet and heels, elbows and knees. In addition to tackling these tough areas, DD creams are also used to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and target skin discoloration.

DD Creams are generally thicker in texture, and contain intense hydrating properties that are designed specifically to target and improve the look and feel of dry, skin that is hard to treat using other moisturizers. Like the BB cream and the CC cream, DD creams usually contain brightening and anti-aging ingredients, and an SPF to defend against UV damage. They are formulated to yield results with continued use, so a DD cream should be incorporated into daily routines to see improvements in skin.

EE Creams

Early Elimination or Even Effect creams defend against damage caused by UV rays and environmental pollutants that often lead to dark spots, clogged pores, and an uneven skin tone. EE products are primarily exfoliators that both cleanse and scrub away impurities, while also providing miniaturization to invigorate, refresh and soften skin and were developed to create an immediately even effect and a more uniform skin tone.

ZZ Creams

ZZ creams are night creams that calm, soothe, and nourish the skin with intense hydration. Meant to be applied at night, when the skin is most receptive to topical treatments, ZZ creams can help fight off early signs of aging and keep you looking fresh. Generally thick in consistency, these creams contain powerful moisturizing and antioxidant agents to repair and restore your skin while you sleep.

Today’s consumers are savvy and many beauty and cosmetic manufacturers are paying attention to trends like alphabet creams that contain multiple ingredients to create multi-functional beauty products. Whether you’re looking to stay current with today’s beauty trends or have a unique idea for a cosmetic product with multiple benefits that could be introduced to the market, it’s important to understand what alphabet creams are, why consumers love them, and the impact they have on the overall cosmetic and personal care industries.

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