What are Natural Beauty Products?

The clean beauty movement is one of the largest growing subsections of the beauty industry. This concept of clean and natural ingredients doesn’t start or stop with beauty but is part of a greater movement involving avoiding artificial ingredients or synthetic materials as much as possible. While many chemicals and synthetic ingredients are deemed to be safe for use by the FDA, there is a growing contingent of customers who subscribe to a lifestyle that is more natural, skews towards plant-based ingredients, and has a focus on sustainability or eco friendliness. And that’s fine! The beauty industry has always been about self-expression and crafting your own style—whether that be through your own brand or through the products you choose to associate with.

Clean, natural, organic, and sustainable are not just buzzwords. They carry behind them an idea, a philosophy, and a lifestyle that many people increasingly choose to follow. As such there is a large demand for products that fit the bill for natural beauty.

This press release by the NPD group is informed by data which says that clean ingredients and brand transparency are increasingly being favored by consumers in the cosmetics and beauty industry. Nowadays, more than ever are customers doing their due diligence and research behind what materials go into their favorite products. If they themselves aren’t, they are surely following blogs, influencers, and media personalities who do.

Formaldehyde, methylisothiazolinone, phthalates, and parabens are all things that have been barred from many mainstream brands due to their notorious reputation as being harmful in some form or another.

Creating All Natural Products is Tricky

If you are a beauty brand owner or would like to start a brand, Phoenix Chemical can help your product visions become a reality! That being said, having a company that understands chemistry and knows how to arrive at the desired outcome in more than one way. This is a crucial skill because defining natural ingredients is difficult in the context of a product.

Keeping track of chemicals that have been deemed dangerous or potentially dangerous is the most important thing. Our Green Chemistry program was created so that eco-friendly focused brands would have an avenue by which they could develop their product lines while staying true to their efforts for reducing environmental impact. Our Green Chemistry line replaces petroleum-based ingredients with vegetable derived ones. Deriving from plant-based ingredients such as rapeseed, castor, soy, coconut, and corn, we maintain the functionality of more traditional, chemical based products through the efforts of our very talented chemists.

As you can imagine, this is still a fairly new and growing area of the beauty industry and so there is no gold standard of how a natural beauty product should be constructed for each type of item. For example, what would be the best emulsifier to use in a natural lotion product? How can you get it to look a certain way or have a particular fragrance or consistency? When you put the restriction on using as many natural ingredients possible, it becomes something that not all companies are well equipped to tackle.

A product must be at least 90% “green” to be listed in our Advances in Green Chemistry Brochure. These products are identified by percentages in the brochure as part of our efforts to ensure total transparency as well as to follow guidelines.

Finding Natural Ingredients Can Be Difficult

There are more than 16,000 ingredients according to the INCI—the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients, that are used in cosmetic products. How many of those would you estimate can be used for natural products? It is unlikely that even 25% of them would be suitable for those restrictions.

Natural Cosmetics Raw Manufacturer

If you currently own a natural beauty brand or wish to start one, there’s no need to be disheartened. As natural products grow in popularity, so too will the global effort to find the most effective and fitting natural cosmetic raw materials. Why not get a head start now with the right company?

Phoenix Chemical has helped many brands big or small create the cosmetics line they’ve always wanted to make. With the help of our highly skilled chemists, anything is possible if you have a concept for what you’d like. Apart from wanting to offer sustainable ingredients that can reduce environmental impact and follow suit on the green movement; we created Green Chemistry in part because we’ve seen first-hand the increase in demand over the years for natural products.

The best way for us as c osmetic raw material manufacturers to meet this demand is to create the foundation by which aspiring and current brand owners can come to us and create natural products to their specification.

Contact us today so that we can get to work building the product line of your dreams!