According to Zion Market Research, the global cosmetics market will reach 863 Billion USD by 2024. The beauty industry is a colossal behemoth containing a wide array of products that vary in just about every possible way, whether its lotions, creams, shampoos, conditioners, sunscreens, styling products, makeup/cosmetics, the list goes on. The United States is the biggest market when it comes to beauty and personal care products—generating $84 billion annually alone. There is an untold amount of new products and brands coming out each and every single day, from big businesses to small businesses.

Women Are Starting More Businesses Than Men

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Currently, women are starting more businesses than men, according to a survey by SCORE. Their findings indicate that 47% of women are in an idea phase of a business compared to only 44% of men. Their revenue growth was also comparable to men’s. Unsurprisingly, as we settle into a more free, egalitarian future, women are starting their own businesses en masse as the perfect storm of circumstances has been created. Like many things, the recent boom of internet connectivity and the proliferation of smartphones have impacted businesses in a way like nothing else has before.

30 years ago, if you had a good idea, it was nigh impossible to get in touch with the right people unless you already had connections. Imagine if, in 1985, you were a man or woman who wanted to create your own soap, or your own lotion, because you have a certain skin condition that needs specialty products and no one is providing that on the market, much less your own local drug store. It’s unlikely the information regarding any obscure or subtle skin sensitivities was even available to the average person unless they happened to visit a specialist who could tell them. As this information becomes more easily accessible, new markets are created to address concerns people didn’t even know they had.

Starting a Beauty Business Has Never Been Easier

Today, it’s far different. You have a stellar idea on how to start a new beauty business and want to create a product and bring it to market? That’s not a problem. With the internet, you can get in touch with the right businesses that can help you develop a product that suits your specific clientele and niche. And you will need those things, despite the fact that the beauty industry has a huge pie that everyone is trying to get a piece of, very few companies can take a multifaceted approach to what they choose to sell.

The opposite has occurred, highly individualized brands that are achieving major success are doing so by way of appealing to niche demographics—such as people who want to be completely green and use only all-natural ingredients, or those who have certain skin conditions. Not only this but as the science behind understanding the skin, hormones, hair, etc, grows more nuanced and discerning, new innovative solutions can target people who have any issues.

In other words, science is getting better at understanding the nuances and distinctions between different problems, rather than trying to use the same tool for every job, the industry is getting better at identifying and isolating specific issues. For example, someone with mild eczema may have been in the past told to use more hydrating/thicker creams meant for dry skin. However, backed by science, there are highly specific formulations meant to be applied to skin that is affected by eczema (outside of prescription medications). The same example can be applied to a myriad of skin issues ranging from mild to severe, and this is a good thing. People are finally able to find custom-tailored solutions to their own highly individual needs. As a result, there is a huge demand not only for products that satisfy those needs but ones that are sourced and deemed to be safe to use.

If You Let Us Build It, They Will Come


This is where we’ve made our name and our business. Phoenix Chemical has helped a multitude of business owners big and small create the specific products they desire to serve themselves and their clientele. Many consumers are not aware that many of their favorite brands have created their products by tasking a lab to do it, but how could it be any other way.

Consider the clean and green movement. Greener fuel, greener cars, green electricity, and clean foods. Unsurprisingly, the same goes for chemical technology and the ingredients that go into your favorite soaps, lotions, shampoos. At Phoenix Chemical, we are proud to be fully committed to our ingredients being safe to use in the formulation of beauty products.

Given that there is an increased emphasis on what is going into our foods, our products, and consequently our bodies, it’s no surprise that there is a huge market for labs who specialize in creating products that are aimed at being natural, safe, and sustainable—we call ours green chemistry!

Are You Looking For Cosmetic Manufacturers?

Phoenix Chemical is a cosmetic manufacturer that was founded in 1982 with a corporate charter to develop proprietary and unique chemical products. We specialize in creating safe, stable chemicals for use as the foundation of personal care, OTC, and beauty products. Our aim is to provide high-quality ingredients for cosmetic businesses big and small to use as the basis of their products so that they can offer their customers the best of the best!

When you partner with Phoenix Chemical, you never have to worry about ingredients that are unsafe and/or hazardous making their way into your products. Not only is this great for your customers—as they can rely on your brand to deliver quality goods, but it’s also great to have the peace of mind that you won’t be involved in one of the numerous PR nightmares that many cosmetic companies have been through regarding the safety and sourcing of their ingredients.

We use state of the art laboratories to develop cosmetic raw materials for all manner of products in the beauty realm such as lotions, creams, shampoos and conditioners, and many more! If you’re looking for a lab that has decades of collective experience in the cosmetic manufacturing business, contact us now!