(INCI: Glycereth-7 Trimethyl Ether)
COSCAP® G7-MC is the trimethyl ether of glycereth -7. This clear, 100% active, light yellow liquid ester produces a slightly dry, silky emollience on the skin. Two properties that make COSCAP® G7-MC indispensable to the cosmetic chemist are its total water-solubility and total solubility in castor oil. This property permits the introduction of water into certain anhydrous systems such as lipsticks.
Additionally, COSCAP® G7-MC is hydrolytically stable over a wide pH range enabling the formulator to incorporate COSCAP® G7-MC in salicylic acid formulation as well as in high-pH systems. Salicylic acid can be dissolved at 4.5 – 5.0 g. levels in 10 g. of COSCAP® G7-MC. COSCAP® G7-MC effectively eliminates or reduces tack in carbomer gels. COSCAP® G7-MC at 5% w/w in a carbomer-based gel helps to enhance the aesthetic qualities of the formulation by reducing, or entirely eliminating, the tacky transitional feel on hair or skin as the system dries down.
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